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Best pick I've ever played with

Like the title says, best pick I ever played with. I ordered picks with a custom emblem. My only issue was that I thought the emblem would take up the majority of the pick but the Gravity logo was still on the pick unaltered leaving the emblem small. I should verified this when ordering. Either way, amazing picks.

too expensive

these picks are thick and beveled for a strange sound. they also are way too expensive.

Acrylic Custom Shop - Add On

Classic Unpolished Picks

Received one in my JHS Bonsai pedal box. Loved the pick so I bought 3 from Gravity. Great pics. Give it a try you’ll love em.

Imagine the perfect Jazz III...

Imagine the perfect Jazz III, and this is it! For fans of the Jazz III, the Gravity 003 is a modern, upgraded version. The shape is the same classic one that we all know and love, but the feel is just so much better! The pick stays put without requiring a superfirm grip, thus relaxing the picking hand. I was hesitant at first to buy an acrylic pick, as other brand acrylic picks had chirps that I did not like. However, Gravity must use a different formula as there is no acrylic chirp while playing electric guitar! Tone wise, I am very picky (!) and these picks sound smooth, bright and warm. My Strandberg Boden guitars sound their best when I'm using these picks. Durability is always a concern of mine, and so far these picks do not wear out even with numerous long practices. I hope Gravity makes them in other colors soon! Try them!

Gravity Picks

Killer picks! Awesome!

Magic picks

I’ve struggled with finding a durable, ergonomic pick with a good grip, great tone, and that’s made from a material that will last for more than a few songs. The search is over with every gravity pick I’ve bought. MAGIC!!

Best pick ever.

Great picks!

As some may know, different shapes and thicknesses give an instrument a unique sound or tone. I chose the picks I ordered because I like the tone I get from my mando when I use them. Thanks Gravity for great picks!


Although I'm used to the classic feel most, the Stealth & Sunrise seems to be feeling interesting and comfy as well. Does it come in .88? Also diggin' the Classic 1.10 & 1.5 picks. The Tripp Pick seems to be a trip but if there's one in a .88 or 1.10 I'd love to give that a shot. Overall all your picks in the bundle I ordered are pretty sick! I'd like to put in an order for more pics with my name/band insignia name/etc. Thank you! Levon Sultanian / Onesidezero

Gold Series - Classic

Aside from using materials like steel or stone, I was never convinced that the type of pick one used could affect the tone of the guitar. Gravity picks changed that. The Gold Series Striker (1.5mm) is by far the best pick I've used both because of how much better my guitar sounds and also how much easier it is to play with. Worth every single penny!!!

Rob Chapman Signature Plectrum

Awesome picks. Super durable and barely wares down even with a year of playing. Absolutely no flex and feels nice in the hand.

Acrylic Custom Shop - Classic Pointed


Acrylic Picks - Classic

Picking up a gravity guitar pick for the first time feels like picking up an oatmeal raisin cookie only to realize that its actually chocolate chip! Playing a gravity guitar pick versus a cheap pick is like spreading nice soft butter on your toast versus cold hard butter. Never going back to cheap dunlop guitar picks ever again!!

Thin Picks - Classic Standard

I used a 60mm for a little more than a week, not doing anything crazy and it broke in half.

Gold Series - Classic

This pick (2.5mm sunrise big mini) sounds and feels amazing shredding jazz on a nylon string as well as an electric jazz box and an SG. Economy picking is dead easy and articulates really well in phrases which go across the bar (more difficult than simply a rush f 32nd notes!). Alternate picking is a breeze too! I can employ muted, sarod or scalpel techniques, picking easily and man it plays like butter!

I've tried most picks apart from blue chip (which is three times the price for the same thickness), including wegen, acrylic gravity (my second fave!), v-picks, dava and all the varieties of dunlop jazz IIIs with my own bevel. THIS IS THE ONE! if it lasts as long as is claimed i wont need to fiddle around or search no more!!

i understand that a pick won't make you more musical or a better musician, however if it allows you t express yourself without limitation or even with that ineffable 5% greater ability, then it should be in your arsenal.

A fabulous product and really worth the investment! I'm gonna buy more!


I bought some of my favorite Stealth Picks again. This time with my own image. So I do not play better, but it feels even more great and the practice makes even more fun!


I would say its worth the price. Immediately improved my playing, the notes actually feel like they are being played. And it requires a softer touch to play. Really good for faster guitar playing


I was always told "once you start playing with Dunlop Jazz III's, you'll never be able to play with another pick again" and for years this was true. Until I tried a Gravity pick. The size and shape was one I wasn't even comfortable with however, the play-ability and tone begged me to investigate further. Here I find myself on the Gravity website and find out they make Jazz III style picks (Sunrise) in various sizes, thickness and with available customization. My first order cost me about 100$ (talk about taking a chance). I've totally become a Gravity Picks user and I won't be looking back! I'm more than pleased with the play-ability, texture, design, feel and comfort of the picks and happy to say I've found my pick!

Acrylic Custom Shop - Classic Pointed

I am a huge user of boutique picks. (gravity, dragons heart, ChickenPicks, etc...) and gravity has stood out most not only in feel and versatility, but also in tone. I have only tried the polished finish so far. They are so fast I could not get the speed out of an old Dunlop tortex pick. I am definitely going to stick up on these in the very near future!


I love triangular picks. So my first go at Gravity picks were the Steaths. There was an immediate and significant gain in articulation and volume the first time I tried them. To feel that same performance boost every time I play now, I first warm up with the Strikers, which have more rounded tips, before switching to the Stealths. If you're into triangular picks, give this pair of picks a try!


I actually reviewed the Gold Series before and didn't really care for them compared to the std acrylic Gravity picks. I really liked the Sunrise 2mm acrylic but ordered a couple Gold Series picks to try them out. At the time I wasn't converted. That was a good year ago or more. Since I payed a good amount for them and I would feel them staring at me... I would pick them up occasionally and suddenly I found myself favoring the Gold Series. Now I have ordered them a few other times and am convinced there is no better pick out there than the Gold Series Sunrise Standard in 2.5mm.
A word of warning though, you have to keep an eye on these. When people try them out they want to keep them... Thanks Chris for a great product.


I have been using your acrylics for four or five years for bluegrass guitar and mandolin. As my playing evolves preferences vary for shape and thickness. I've finally settled for a Striker Big Mini in 2mm for guitar. Prior I used the same pick in 3mm but it required too much sustained effort for rhythm.

After years of experimenting I will be ordering the Axis mini in 2mm for mandolin. 1.5mm is just a little too flexible for me. I believe the rounded corners of the Axis are a better choice for this instrument. It will be even better when it wears down a little.

The best pick I have used from you hands down was a sample from a few years back. It is 1.63mm in a dark red marked only Gravity and Striker. I have used it to a point where the edges are totally rounded. It just can't be beat for mandolin. I store it in a pick wallet so I don't lose it. This pick comes off the strings better than any pick I have used over the last forty years. There is just enough difference from the 1.5mm thickness that it suits my technique better. I tried to reorder once but was told it was not available.

Your picks tend to grab my fingers after they warm up a bit. One of my old picking buddies who is arthritic now needs to try one of my Gravity picks next time we jam.

Great products and great customer service from Gravity. You are appreciated. Finally, watching your business grow steadily over the years has been a treat. Keep going!


I was overwhelmed at the quality! After 38 years of purchasing 'cookie-cutter' picks from practically EVERYONE....I finally came across a company that make great quality products. I loved that samples, but I really enjoyed my purchases. I took longer in doing a second purchase, But I felt it was necessary in doing so. This would have given me more time to access what I bought. I'm glad I did. THANK YOU!!!